Shadow Art Sculptures by Dutch artist Diet Wiegman

Dutch artist Diet Wiegman uses a combination of irregularly shaped structures and light to create an intricately detailed silhouette on a wall. In these ligt and shadow sculptures the precise angle is everyting. Diet Wiegman, born in 1944, began experimenting with light sculptures in the 1980s and build an impressive portfolio so far. Hereby he inspires artists like the duo Tim Noble & Sue Webster and Kumi Yamashita. The Michael Jackson shadow sculpture (known as shadow dancing) is probably the most famous work. In the video beneath is how precise the correct angle is…

shadow-art-diet-wiegman-11   shadow-art-diet-wiegman-31 shadow-art-diet-wiegman-61   shadow-art-diet-wiegman-81  tumblr_lnmdcxc9mH1qjgfu0   tumblr_lnmdeloZAe1qjgfu0 tumblr_lnmeb1IkH81qjgfu0   tumblr_lqet7siZ2e1qjgfu0shadow-art-diet-wiegman-71   shadow-art-diet-wiegman-121

shadow-art-diet-wiegman-51   shadow-art-diet-wiegman-21



Visit Diet Wiegman’s website for more information.

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