Shazara Argan oil – As pure as it gets

A few weeks ago Shazara was launched on the Dutch market. What is it? Shazara means tree in Arabic and It’s a 100% pure argan oil of the highest possible quality. In fact the rare oil Shazara is made from the kernels of the argan tree, which only grows  in southwestern Morocco. The locals call the tree “The Tree of Life’’.

It’s made from selected, untreated and slowly cold pressed Argan nuts. The combination of technical innovations and the ancient knowledge of the local population provided the highest quality argan oil in the world.

Now about the scent. Quite peculiar, I must say as it is not perfumed in any way. It reminds me of the scent of fresh olives, as I recall smelling at the ‘Djeema El Fna’ market in Marrakech earlier this year. But hell yes, they added nothing and removed nothing. It contains no dyes, so that’s good enough for me. As pure as it gets.

Happily this scent disappears pretty quick. That’s a good thing as it is a multifunctional product, and you don’t want be smelling like olives allover, all day.

The oil is suitable for all skin types and is ideal as a daily skin regime to achieve a for a smooth, soft and radiant looking skin. Also the oil has a healing and soothing effect on various skin conditions.

Shazara Argan oil is also advised for acne, burns, cellulite, eczema, irritation and redness just to name a few. For more background information check out the Shazara website below.

Try it for yourself


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