Silicium, as secret beautyweapon…

We all try to be as healthy as possible by eating fresh food like veggies and fruit daily. Due to hectic lives (I know mine is) we don’t always eat as healthy as we would want, so sometimes we’ll need to help nature a little.

Nowadays Silicium is mostly included in cereals such as millet and oats, which is a good thing. But we actually need a lot more of this healthy mineral. Did you know there is a Silicium supplement in the form of drops that you simply add to your drink?

What in it for you? Silicium protects skin cells and DNA against free radicals and the harmful influence of the sun. In addition, skin, hair and nails will look even healthier while bones and joints will regain strength and be more flexible. In addition it also cleanses arteries.

The success of a beautiful skin, shiny hair and healthy nails is off course maintained thru our daily beauty ritual. Off course. But by adding Silicium to your regular diet your skin, hair and nails get the essential nutrition from the inside. Just by adding 8-10 drops of Silicium to a glass of water or fruit juice preferably before breakfast. How easy can it be?

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