Silk Road by Laura Mercier spring 2011

The inspiration for this early spring look was inspired by the precious jewels and raw silks that once travelled the so called Silk Road, this beautiful collection features rich, shimmering shades of violet, neutrals and golds for eyes, and roses for lips and cheeks.

Whether you are in the mood for delicate colour or dramatic bold eyes, you’ll have plenty of options for day and night. The face is flawless with soft shades together of jewel stones. Eyes are the focus with intense kohl eye liner and accentuated with iridescent hues of rich violet. Peach have a soft glow highlighted with golden pinks.

Lips are lustrous and silky in shades of mauve or fuchsia, and perfectly finished with a touch of shimmering gloss.
The perfectly pigmented pallet is my ultimate must have of this moment. From the office to a cocktails party in a minute…..

Available from February 2011.

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