Skin healing gel that smoothes, calms, repairs, firms, renews and protects …

HealGel was developed by five British plastic surgeons who are highly respected worldwide. The  five  surgeons  combined their knowledge and research on anti-aging, antioxidants, recovery and nanotechnology resulting in a product that does it all.

Until recently HealGel was only available to doctors or through online channels. Happily for us, it’s now available in the Netherlands. Wel-known in England this miracle worker is able to diminish scars, and even let them vanish completely.

A multi active gel that seals the skin allowing the other ingredients to work in peace  so it can speed up recovery and resolve skin damage issues. Arnica Montana  is great for restoring little bruises and Madecassoside  is famous for its healing and anti-aging effects.

It also contains several powerful peptides that stimulate collagen production and reduce fine lines and puffiness. So indeed, I went ahead a tried the Healgel near the under eye area. It feels perfectly cooling on the skin. Great for reducing puffiness for men and woman by the way.

My new best 30 ml friend is already stashed away in my bag –in –bag , so I can never leave without it.

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