Spice up your eyes, add some sparkle for Christmas…From the runway to your way.

There’s a whole new generation of glitter and shimmery eye shadows available that definately changes the makeup rules. Sparkly eye makeup only at  Christmas? No way. This is a thing of the past. For from the runway to your way you should play with these new colors to create dazzling effects or delicately shimmering eyes that look equally good in daytime.

A few of the trends are: Apply a shimmery eye shadow all over the upper lid from lash line to crease, or only to the inner corners, near the nose. Your makeup will be more modern, but certainly radiant. Off course you can opt for a sparkled darker shade in the crease and wing it out. A little more daring, yet perfect for festive activities.


Once you’ve chosen your shadow color you can team it with a classic black eyepencil. Prefer to apply it only on the outer rim then always apply a base, otherwise the pencil will melt, creating an ugly smudge look which is only nice if it’s done deliberately, like for a photoshoot.

Always draw pencil lines before applying eye shadow,  then shade it by using a smudge brush, creating a soft look that isn’t heavy on the eye.

On of my favorites? Laura Mercier’s baked eye color. They can be applied wet and dry, especially wet you will be adding that added intense sparke.

As makeup is game, you need to have fun.


Available thru www.skins.nl

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