StimulashFusion – Lash Enhancing & Lengthening Mascara | Lash Enhancing Liquid Eye Liner

Are you familiar with the successful fusion beauty’s Stimulash? Then you will definitely love this. The StimulashFusion Lash Enhancing & Lengthening Mascara contains an ingredient called SymPeptide™.

What it does? It makes every individual lash much stronger and fuller. Within 4 to 6 weeks the lashes grow longer and appear thicker. Fun fact: It’s a flexible bristle that separates the lashes without lumps. Even the tiniest lash won’t be forgotten as this pointy end will caress these too.

Looking for that ultimate result? Use the StimulashFusion Lash Enhancing & Lengthening Mascara in combination with the Stimulash night cure and Lash Enhancing Eye liner. 

The eyeliner is a long wear eyeliner that stimulates the lash growth. Easy to apply, quick, fast drying and doesn’t stain. Amazing,  isn’t it?


Both products are exclusively available at Skins Cosmetics.

Also available thru

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