Style and Make-up for X-mas by Santusha

Style and Make-up is all about having Fun – Feeling good!

As we are approaching the holidays I want to share my tips and inspiration about what make-up colour or style to use for the upcoming holidays in a different way!

For Christmas 2010 every part of your make-up is inspired by your own worth and personality…

Style is knowing who you are, What you want to say & Not giving a Damn

1. Which lipstick?

Red – You are fierce, a career woman, self-confident and dare to be different! Pink – You are youthful yet very sexy and happy! Natural – You are self-confident about your personality yet don’t feel the need to be in the spotlights!

Hair tip: I would choose a tight knot, ponytail or straight hair if you go for red lips.

Your expression is the most important thing you can Wear!”

2. Which eye make-up?

When it comes to eye make-up I would say: have fun!! When it comes to the holidays you can’t get too crazy with the colours Dark skin – Go for green, purple or blue smokey eyes Light skin – Go for brown-reddish smokey eyes Your eyes are your expression so choose the colors that matches the way you feel and how you want to express yourself!

I hope this X-mas mak-up advice is fun and of any use and I wish you a flawless Christmas and a Stylish and Happy 2011!

Happy X-mas !



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