Sublimage La creme by Chanel

In 2006, the house of CHANEL offered women the luxury of simply sublime skin, with
an exceptional skincare product: SUBLIMAGE Essential Regenerating Cream. This cream
product draws its power from vanilla that grows in Madagascar (Vanilla Planifolia), particularly
rich in beneficial molecules.

In 2011, CHANEL introduces a new-generation cream, which not only yields the generous
properties of the green fruit of the vanilla, but is also enriched with the magical powers
of the vanilla flower.


A prestigious skincare product endowed with the full power of Vanilla Planifolia, deeply regenerating the skin for absolute radiance. With every day, the complexion recovers its original, beautiful glow.

          Sublimage Texture Supreme                Sublimage Texture Universelle

About Vanilla Planifolia: The vanilla is grown on the Island of Madagascar, in the region of Ambanja, according to a precise process with aim to protect and develop the potential of its natural qualities. This cultivation model is unique in the world. Everything is controlled (heat, humidity and shade) and the entire process is based on local expertise.

The flowers and their short-lived beauty are picked carefully by hand from October to November. For the fruits, they are also harvested by hand from May to June and carefully graded.

Available from February 2011

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