A revolution in hair colouring: Sublime Mousse L’Oreal Paris

In March, L’Oreal will launch their newest hair color innovation, Sublime Mousse, that is perfect for every type of woman: single, married, business woman and stay at home moms…. We, women, are all busy and today’s society demands fast and easy to use products…

With Sublime Mousse we can now easily color our hair in three simple steps:

1. mousse in your hand palms
2. Apply the mousse on your hair, starting on top of your scalp
3. Massage the mousse into your hair as a shampoo en leave in for 30 minutes

And voila..! You have just colored your hair within 30 minutes!

What can you expect from this revolution?

– a permanent hair color with 100% grey coverage
– easy and fast to apply
– long lasting results
– pure, natural colors

Even the scientists of L’Oreal Paris laboratories seem to follow the latest fashion trends. The popular never ending nude make-up look inspired the scientists to develop a collection of hair colors that accentuates every woman’s natural hair color.

The mousse will be available in 12 natural colors: pure light blonde, sunny golden blonde, pure light brown, light brown, warm intense red brown, sunny golden brown, pure mid brown , cool chocolate brown, pure dark brown, pure brown black and sensual black.

Result? A pure, powerful new hair color that you created!

Will be available in the Dutch market from March 2011

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