SunGlitz by Farouk

The SunGlitz salon-treatment is a new save way of lightening blond locks without using ammonia. This product line, a line specially created to vamp up color-treated hair, strenghtens and neutralizes colour pigments by using the complementary effect of colours.

SunGlitz, founded by celebrity stylist Farouk Shami (Farouk Systems), consists of four Lighteners and four Toners to lighten the hair and give more depth to the colour. It is the combination of a high concentration silk protein and the use of vegetable extracts that makes the hair strong, shiny and bouncy.

Next to the salon treatment, SunGlitz has products for at home to enjoy the results as long as possible: Color Enhancing Shampoo, Natural SunSealer Daily Conditioner and the SunGlitz Repair & Shine Silk Leave-in Treatment. The shampoos are especially developed for blond, lightened hair and highlights and are available in four different tones: Beige Blonde, Ash Blonde, Golden Blonde and Strawberry Blonde.

The soft cleansing method protects and maintains the colour while removing mineral build up at the same time. The moisturizing conditioner contains silk proteins that protects and closes your hair fibres with longlasting color as result. The Leave-in Treatment finalizes this process by giving the hair instant shine.

By Santusha Kana

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