Super Soin Autobronzant Hydratant Corps by Sisley

You’re skin has probably been wrapped in warm clothes for months, and hasn’t seen bare sunlight in a while. When the first warm streaks of sun peeks through the curtain of clouds, it calls for bare arms and legs. Having put on your first sunny dress for the season, feeling happy and then you look in the mirror. Oops. You could use a little tan, huh?

Sisley’s self-tanning body care is a real treat. It moistures the skin, has a nice and fresh smell to it while leaving the skin looking naturally tanned. You won’t have to wait long before results are visible. Just after two hours, you’ll look like you’ve hit the beach.

How to:
Apply a thin layer onto your clean skin. Make sure it’s an even layer, paying extra attention to areas such as yet dry elbows, knees, ankles and heels. You can use it twice to three times a week depending on the desired intensity of tan. Don’t forget to wash your hand thoroughly afterwards.


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