Super stay 24H color by Maybelline New York

Maybelline NY presents their new and innovative lipstick. Super stay 24H color! After 5 years of research this amazing lipstick was developed.

What does it promise?
It stays on 24 hours and breaks all longlasting records. The lipstick stays in place, feeld very comfortable and has an inteans shine. Follow these two steps for that perferct pout:

   Step1: Use the renewd flexible applicator as a color
   primer and  let it dry for a few seconds.
   Step 2: Use the nourishing lipbalm with vitamin E over
                              your lipsick for long lasting shine and comfort. See this as
                              your ultimate topcoat that’s color resistant and keeps it in

The lipstick is available in 18 colors, divided over four color palettes, so much to choose from!

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