F + Beauty Talkies Terrace Award 2010

A little SATC at this year’s Talkies Terrace Award. The Bridges restaurant at The Grand hotel in Amsterdam received this year’s award. A good excuse to celebrate this event with all the other invites.

Make up on your mind was there to explore, mingle, and watch beautiful people. The weather was outstanding and everyone did there very best to look as fresh and polished as possible. Also it was a pleasant surprise to be interviewed by Vive la Vie.

Seafood was served, and Moet & Chandon champagnes were richly pored. To top it off the Big, Black & Beautiful trio were there to entertain us all. Make up was rich and sometimes heavy. Less is more, especially on such a warm day. On V.I.P. events as these my advice would be to use a bronzer with an SPF on the high points of the face.

You could consider concentrating on one thing at a time. Apply a beautiful fresh and peach lip, a light plum or coral blush and a smokey eye or, have a red as ever lipstick, a brown copper eye pencil and two coats of black mascara. The most important thing is that the skin looks flawless & healthy and that your pretty smile is turned on!

I am already looking forward to next years Talkies Terrace award, and see if make up has been down tuned a notch.


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