The best makeup looks from Fall 2012 Fashion Week

Summer has yet to come, but don’t we love being inspired by all things beautiful. As fashion week is not only about clothes, but also about new makeup and hairstyles. One can simply not exist without the other. It complements and completes the look.  Here a few of my favorites of the fall 2012 season.

As seen by Marc by Mac Jacobs  – Every girl should have a perfect pout in her beauty closet. A statement red doesn’t any more adds. Make sure you skin is fresh looking and flawless so your perfectly applied red lips can do all the taking.

As seen by Anna Sui – As a makeup artist I am a huge fan of eyeliner. It makes the eyes stand out, and with an eyeliner you can change the shape of the eyes by attaching the wing in an upward motion at the outer part of the eyes. Love , love, love the cobalt color. It daring and fresh.

A seen by Rachel Zoe – The little gypsy in me loves the boho hippie style that Rachel Zoe has. The just out of bed hair do’s and –yes- the winged 9cat0 eyeliner. Love it. Be your own creative artist by extending the line on the inner corner of the eyes for that extra ‘miauw’ effect.

Photo credits Imaxtree

Have fun!

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