The effect of BIOEFFECT EFG serum

BIOEFFECT EFG Serum is a anti-ageing serum that improves the appearance and health of your skin by encouraging the skin to repair its own cells. Its key ingredient is Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), a substance which occurs naturally in human skin and which has the ability to speed up the rate of cell turnover within the skin.

Cellular activators made in plants are proteins that are vital for the maintenance and repair of skin cells. Unfortunately with age the level of these cellular activators within our skin decreases.

Our skin renews itself less frequently, and begins to look less radiant and more wrinkled. Regular, once or twice daily use of BIOEFFECT EGF Serum reverses this process and says to visible improve within weeks by stimulating the activation and renewal of skin cells.

What I like about Bio Efffect is that it adds radiance and luminosity, and diminishes the area around dry spots. I would recommend using at night time. When applying before makeup,  you might have to wait a little longer before it sets.

It can be used on all skin types, including face and neck. Apply one drop to each desired area you wish to treat, even the body.

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