The five bronzer mistakes

Keep these tips in mind when choosing a bronzer.

Bronzer mask

Bronzers are only supposed to go where the sun might hit the light. There is one exception: When you wear an overall gel bronzer, topped with an amazing blush on the cheeks! You could use a highlight on the cheekbones, and on the bow of your top lip, to give you that little pout.

Dim lighting

When you received advice about the bronzer you are about to purchase, do step out and double check. Your new look might look horrid in daylight. If you are not able to go outside, look for the brightest indoor lightening you can find.

Overdoing it

Adding a bronzer is like flavoring your favorite dish. You can overdue it, and then you might have to start all over again. Start lightly and build up gradually. If you have been overdoing it, soften the effect with serious blending.

Over shimmering

Use a matte bronzer during the daytime, and shimmer for nighttime. You don’t want to look all shiny, just healthy. If you’re the sparkling type, then only use this product where the sun hits the light. A well applied shimmer is beautiful on the high points of the cheekbones, and on the temples.

The wrong colour

If you are light skinned or fair, choose pale beige with gold undertones. For a believable colour, never go darker than you would get from a suntan. If you have olive skin, choose a deeper shade with gold undertones. It will also even out the skin tone, and distract discolorations.


These pictures show exactly how bronzer should look. Have fun choosing your summer bronzer!

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