The Fragrance Diaries

I love to create Nostalgia with scent. That’s why I always wear perfume when I am ‘on the go’. It then reminds me of special times and moments in life.

I am not sure where my love for fragrance originated, because my mother never really wore perfume. I probably own about 50 fragrances and smelling them is my idea of heaven.

I adore spicy, musky scents like Musc Ravageur by Frederic Malle and Labdanum by Le Labo.

During summer I prefer more fruity floral scents, with a hint of Gardenia or Jasmine.

 Burning Memo or Diptque candles is very soothing, especially during winter time.


When I travel I always carry Clean Linen spray in Fresh Laundry or Warm Cotton.
This makes me feel at home, and smells like well…Fresh laundry!

My favorite smells in the world are the smell of a cotton candy room spray. I travel with them and display them in my hotel room.


What do you adore? What is always in your travelbag?

Diptique, Le Labo, Frederic Malle at Skins Cosmetics

Memo candles available at LouLou, Jefferson, Magnolia

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