The Make-up face lift!

The ultimate five instant look lifters:

Makeup facelift 1   Make-up facelift 2  Make-up facelift 3

Brighten up

Lighten up the eye area and draw your attention up with a pink or peach toned corrective concealer paired with a yellow toned concealer. Apply concealer close to the lashes and to the inner corner of the eye as well.


When applying eyeliner, extend the liner at the outer corner of the eye. Make shore the liner is thick enough and visible when your eyes are open.

Beach walk

Dust blush high on the apples of your cheeks.


Layer skincare by using a serum before applying facial crème, this will lock in moisture. Massage well to blend in the crèmes.


Are you in for that high definition lip shine? Use your favorite lipstick and pencil, and then layer a light shade of light reflecting high shine lipgloss.

Have fun!

Makeup facelift 4

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