The Radiant Serum by la Mer

A little miracle in a bottle!

Radiant WatersTM  is a targeted delivery system that penetrates  into the cellular layers of the skin’s surface. It strengthens pores and smoothes  away dull surface cells. This gel serum boosts skin’s ability while reflecting light. The Radiant Serum illuminates the complexion immediately when it comes in contact with the skin, while tone correctors dissolve the look of discoloration.

Waterborne  anti-oxidants helps the skin remain, looking more even and brighter than ever.

After two weeks of using this serum, my skin feels smoother, and my pores seem tightened. Due to the price of this product I was expecting a small miracle, and am glad with these profound results.

Today, your skin can be  renewed. Resilient, refined and radiant. As they say ’For life’!.

How to appy:

On cleansed, toned skin apply a few drops of this exquisite lightweight gel morning and evening. Skin is magnificently radiant upon contact, with benefits maximized over time!

€ 260,-

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