The Selby versus Edible Selby

From Karl Lagerfeld’s bookshelves to Helena Christensen in her kitchen. Photographer Todd Selby’s revealing image of creative types at home earned a cult following for his blog called; The Selby. I had the privilege to meet Todd Selby at his book signing, and what a fun guy he is.


The new book is whole different kind a page turner. Edible Selby offers a rare view of chefs at work. He wanted to show these people as artists who express themselves through their food and their space. You’ll find Chef Eric Werner (on the cover of the book), at his restaurant called Hartwood in Tulum, Mexico. Selby calls it a perfect kitchen in the jungle.  Eric Werner fell in love with Mexico while on vacation in Tulum. On the spot he thought about realizing his dream of starting an open air restaurant in the jungle. And it worked. The wooden chef’s table overflowing with Mexican vegetables in the firelight – a captured fantasy moment.


The Selby books are inspringly mouth watering (kitchen) table books.

Go on and get one!

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