Tip: Mind the Expiry Date!

We love stocking up on makeup supplies. However, paying attention to the expiry dates of products is extremely important, particularly when they’ve been already exposed and have oxidized meaning reacted with the air.

Here are some ‘key’ expiry dates to note before renewing you products:

Mascara: Good up to 4 months
Concealer & Camouflage :Good up to 1 year
Powders eyeshadows and Bronzer :Lasts up to for 2 years
Pencil eye Liner and Eye shadows: Lasts up to 3 years
Lipstick & glosses : Last up to 6 months, unopened up to 3 years
Foundation : Waterbased lasts up to 1 year, oil-based up to three years

Do note that these products mostly reach the above mentioned expiry dates after opening. If you do have products that have not been opened, checked the manufacturer’s expiry date stated on the packaging instead.

Bearing these in mind, it might be advisable to purchase smaller-sized products if you’re ’just like me’ the type who loves changing the products you use.

Have fun!

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