Tobacco & Geranium leaf candles by Malin+Goetz

MALIN+GOETZ presents two beautiful new perfumed candles : Tobacco en Geranium leaf. The Geranium Leaf and Tobacco candle features earth-friendly, natural blend of beeswax, vegetable and soy waxes.  This blend offers a cleaner and better burn.

The uplifting Geranium Leaf candle subtly fills a room with a fresh, green aroma. Known for its apothecary origins and medicinal properties to soothe irritation and relieve inflammation, this modern fragrance is synthesized to calm and balance the senses.

The tobacco candle synthesizes botanical and medicinal properties of traditional apothecary origin for a smooth, smoky aroma. The  Tobacco and Geranium leaf can be burned together for a unique and personal ambiance. I especially like the Geranium as it has a relaxing effect on the senses.

Tobacco candle:
Top notes: Basil and Rye
Middle notes: Chestnut Honey and Ylang Ylang
Base notes of Tobacco Leaves, Guaiacwood and Bourbon Vanilla

Geranium leaf candle :
Top Notes: Green Apple and Cyclamen
Middle notes: Geranium and Coriander
Base Notes: Dry down of Musk

Each candle has approximately 60 hours of burn time.  When burning for the first time, we recommend burning for a minimum of 2-3 hours for optimum performance.

Available online at:
Mostert & Van Leeuwen, Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 129, Rotterdam

Also available at:

Charlie & Mary, Gerard Doustraat 84, Amsterdam
PolsPotten, KNSM-laan 39, Amsterdam
Moise, Warmoesstraat 12, Haarlem

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