Transforming a Day face into an Evening face

Only a few women have the time or energy to clean their faces at the end of the workday and redo their makeup for a night out. Instead, you’ll want a few quick tricks to make a simple transition from the office to the evening. Since lighting is often softer at night and the occasions are dressier, the idea is to make the face look more dramatic than during the day.

Start with a touch of eye cream to smooth out existing concealer.
Apply foundation as needed to cover blemishes, especially around the nose.
Use a blush that is slightly brighter than the one you used during daytime.

Want to dress up your face?

Then use a shimmer on lips, eyes, or cheeks.
Switch to a darker shade of lipstick. Reddish colors will add drama to your look.
Try red lips with peach or pink cheeks, and minimal eye makeup.

Or, have a little fun with a bright pink or orange mouth. As seen on several catwalk looks for spring /summer 2010.

Dressupyourface1  Dressupyourface2  Dressupyourface3

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