Treat your hair eco-chic: Alterna Bamboo

The luxury hair care brand from Los Angeles introduced the new Bamboo Smooth line that is made from rare Kendal Oil with eco-certified, fair-trade compliant, certified organic pure Bamboo Extract.

What does Alterna Bamboo Smooth line promise?

The powerful combination of  rare Kendal Oil and natural ingredients result in sleek, strong and frizz-free hair after just one application.

The highlights of the Bamboo Smooth line are the Pure Treatment Oil and the Oil Mist.
The Pure Treatment Oil with Organic Bamboo Extract will be instantly absorbed by your hair and can be used two-ways:

Intensive treatment: The Oil nourishes and restores your hair while sealing split-ends and frays damages by chemical processing and environmental factors.
The Treatment Oil is best for medium to thick hair types.

How to use: You can use the oil once or twice a week. Apply the oil liberally to dry hair, leave in for 10 minutes. Then rinse and wash your hair as usual.

Style-primer: As a style-primer the Oil works as an UV heat & color protector and is a pre-style must have with built in humidity resistance. Your hair will remain glossy with staying power.

How to use: Apply a small amount to damp hair and style your hair as usual.

The Kendi Dry Oil Mist is a weightless, nutrient-rich mist that can also be used in two ways: as a leave-in treatment and style-primer to eliminate frizz and shield your hair from heat and at the same time enhance shine, resist humidity, protect your color while boosting your hair’s health. The Oil Mist is most suitable for fine to medium hair types.

My thoughts on the Pure Treatment Oil & Oil Mist

There are not many hair products with Oil as an dominant ingredient without leaving your hair oily and greasy. Even though these products are made from Kendal Oil, it still managed to keep my hair weightless while feeling extremely soft, looking shiny and sealing my hair.

The bonus? My hair smells great and the Mist is a great way to maintain your hair shiny and soft after the day you’ve washed your hair. This will definitely be part of my routine for my straightened or waved hair style!

The Kendi Pure Treatment Oil and Dry Oil Mist are €22 in the Netherlands.

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