Trending topic – colored eyeliner for fall 2012

A simple eyeliner can make all the difference in the way you look. From the winged eye angle to a subtle looking eyeliner for daytime. But what about color? When it comes to eyeliner don’t we all tend to wear easy black, maybe dark blue, and definitely brown. For late summer/ early fall 2012, make a statement with colored eyeliner.

Think bright greens, glitzy gold, purple with a shimmer, or even burgundy. It’s fun, different and when applied perfectly you won’t need much more to make your eyes stand out. Some mascara, a pop of color on the cheeks and lips are you’re ready to rule.


The following stores carry the best range in various colors and substances: |

Tip: If applying a tight eyeliner is something you find difficult, try applying little dotts first, then connect the dotts and fill in the blancs.

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