Tried and tested: The ‘renewed’ Nioxin Kit

Nioxin has her roots in advanced technologies for thicker, fuller and denser-looking hair. I wrote about Nioxin earlier as I started using these products about five years ago. When my hairdresser switched to Mediceuticals, because Nioxin was taken over by Proctor & Gamble, I stopped using it regularly. However.. my curiosity and interest never stopped..

What has changed within the Nioxin range of products?

– the Thinning Hair System Kit has 6 different levels instead of 7
– the styling products such as the pomade (wax) and glossing shield (for shine and care) are unfortunately removed within the category ‘styling’
– the colors and packaging are slightly changed (all white and blue) and are all similar 

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I tested the Thinning Hair System Kit 5 since my hair is chemically treated. Each kit consist of a cleanser, scalp therapy and scalp treatment.

The Cleanser
: the cleanser removes follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residues to leave the scalp and hair clean.

The Scalp Therapy
this lightweight conditioner helps provide hair resilience and control moisture balance.
Scalp Treatment: contains antioxidants and botanicals that help to provide  a refreshed scalp environment.

My findings
: Nioxin is one of my favourite cleansers. Why? Because many shampoos clean the hair and scalp but leave chemicals, silicons and other preservatives behind. The result: ‘clean’ but long-term damage of the skin at the same time. With Nioxin, the scalp feels clean in the and does not leave my hair frizzy or dry at all.

The conditioner softens the hair and scalp without giving any extra weight. I deliberately left my curls to see if they would be as bouncy and light-weighted as they should be.

The scalp treatment is the most unique product and as far as I know does not exist with another hair brand. This leave-in treatment ensures that your hair follicles is foreseen with the right antioxidants so that your hair has all the optimal environment for maximum growth.. Don’t forget: hair growth can never be stimulated from the lengths…only from the scalp and the follicles.


By Santusha Kana

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