Tried and tested: Touch of Silk by Hannah by @SantushaKana

Hannah’s newest product Touch of Silk, winner of the Beauty Press Innovation Award 2012, caught my eye: the silicon oil smooths the skin immediately, regulates the moisture level and soothens scar tissue of eczema while the vitamin C regenerates, stimulates tissue generation and improves an optimal immune system.

The name says it all: A touch of Silk. Applying this product after my day (or night) cream immediately resulted in a natural-matte finish. My skin literally felt as silk. I am always reserved towards products who claim to realize a matte finish as my skin always glows no  matter what product, primer or mineral powder I use.

But I must say…. the Touch of Silk leaves my skin natural-matte throughout the day. Instead of having the need to powder my face three times a day I only need to powder or refresh around 4-5 PM!

From a make-up perspective: I recommend this product to everybody whose skin glows fast

From a skin care perspective: recommendation for those who suffer from scars, low moisture level and simply wants to realize skin improvement on the long run.

By Santusha Kana



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