Tritiny Haircare debute at hairstyle 2.0

Sunday March 3rd I visited HAIRSTYLE 2.0 in Ahoy Rotterdam, the meeting point for professional hairdressers and hair brands from the Benelux. I was overwhelmed by the creativity, brands and innovation and most of all.. by the debute of TRINITY  Haircare.

TRINITY Haircare, Swiss from origin, launched with an amazing hair show ‘Tribute to Michael Jackson’. Based on the chronological representation of Michaels career, hairstyles from the Seventies  with afro styles and curls , Eighties & Nineties  with lots of colors and the hairtrends of spring/summer 2012 were showed.

TRINITY Haircare is founded in 2006 by three entrepreneurs from the hairdresser business. Wit hits Swiss origin, this professional hair brand meets the highest Swiss standards and is of premium quality.

Since 2010 it is also available in the Netherlands (next to Germany, Switserland and Austria) and exclusively distributed via professional hairdressers with the following product lines: grooming line Creasoin, styling line Reload, Colours of TRINITY and Vogue de TRINITY.

Grooming line Creasoin

This line consists of 11 categories, each and every category is adjusted to a specific hairtype: Colour Gloss, Restructuring, Curl Vitalising, Volumising, Moisturizing, Technique, Sub Zero for men, Solar, Wintercare, Hand Care and Argan Oil.

To just highlight one product within this line: the TRINITY Haircare Argan Oil category is unique compared to other argan oil products by not using any other main ingredient or allergen substances.

Styling line Reload

The styling line is divided in styling for shine, light fixatiion, moderate fixation, strong fixation and extra fixation.

Colours of TRINITY

This line offers more than 130 colours that gives a long lasting result. A special product within this line is the Colour Care Lotion that prevents irritation on the scalp after colouring.

Trinity Haircare products are available in more than 2000 partner salons in Germany, Austria and Switserland and since 2009 also in other countries in Europe.  

If you haven’t found the right styling product, grooming product or colour that meets your standards or works for your hair type… try a new professional product.





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