How to: The right foundation for an uneven skin tone

This is one of the common problems I see and hear a lot from women. Your skin is still smooth but it’s blotchy and uneven in color. You may have some redness around the nose and discoloration due to sun exposure and hormonal changes.

The best way to even out your skin tone is with a tinted moisturizer or foundation. For a natural look make sure the product you’re using matches your complexion and is yellow based. Most women, from the fairest to darkest complexion, have yellow undertones in their skin, so a pink – based product will look very unnatural and ‘masky’.                                           

The tinted moisturizer or foundation shouldn’t change the color of your face; it should even out your skin tone in a complementing way. Apply it around the nose, mouth, and cheeks, where there is often redness. Also look into a great secret camouflage for in your handbag. A secret camouflage is often highly pigmented, and will take away the redness in an instant. Only to be used on the area’s that need it the most.

 uneven skin tone 

Good luck!

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