Unusual Smartphone Chargers You Have Not Seen Before

Running out of battery can be really annoying. And with de global energy challenges in mind there are several small steps you can undertake to make a difference. With these cool design charges it becomes easier as ever before.

For example have you ever thought you could charge your phone with a hot cup of coffee of a frozen smoothie? Well you can. Or what about an indoor plant that is not going to suffer form your lack of attention, but can in fact save you from being disconnected due to battery shortage.

We selected three cool design charges for you:


Epiphany onE Puck   Epiphany onE Puck

Epiphany Labs is a group of technologists and business professionals who have a passion for inventing new technologies and tinkering with existing ones to develop products that create positive changes throughout the world. Here’s how: Our vision is to take the knowledge and experiences we gain from perfecting the Epiphany onE Puck and move on to build even larger stirling engines that can power even larger appliances and eventually entire households! We’ll also use them to enhance the water units that we developed through Epiphany Solar Water Systems, which will increase their water output AND provide electricity to the people we help. That means virtually anyone currently living without access to water or electricity will be able to enjoy these comforts.

Available at kickstarter.com

Price: $ 115,-


Electree is a modern sculpture imitating a bonsai, the leaves of which are small photovoltaic panels. It allows to recharge your mobile devices without using any other energy than light. Usage is strictly limited to indoors. Electree is delivered in modules which you assemble to create your own tree. This method makes it possible to produce an infinity of different shapes. You can model it according to your wishes and at the same time optimize the orientation of the photovoltaic cells and thus increase its effectiveness.  The structure is equipped with 27 cells, for a bulk height of roughly 40cm. Energy produced by the panels during daylight is stored in a base hidden battery. Once charged, this accumulator feeds a USB port.

Available at electree.fr

Price: € 269,-



Sunflowers radiate energy, represent cheerfulness, optimism and health. The Solar Sunflower collects energy via the solar panel and applies this to generate durable power for your mobile devices. The battery inside is powerful enough to easily charge your mobile phone or MP3 player.

Available at design-3000.com

Price: € 59,50



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