Goodmorning with VOGUE The Editors Eye

This book is already one of my favourites when it comes to fashionable coffee table books . It reveals the untold story of fashion, celebrating the role the fashion editor has played in shaping America´s sense of style.

Eight of the most visionary living stylists in Vogue´s history are interviewed in depth as they discuss their collaboration with photographers like Annie Leibovitz , Irving Penn and Helmut Newton, and with models muses such as Linda Evangelista andKate Moss.

In this book you´ll find their personal story, their style, and the inspiration they bring to their work. For instance Vogue Editor Grace Coddington outlines the passions that produce images ranking from the romantic to the sleekly modernist and the provocatively new.

The editors eye provides a privileged look insides the workings of fashion photography and the creative minds that have produced some of the most amazing pictures of our time.


The documentary, which premiered on December 6 2012, highlights the visual and historical contribution Vogue editors past and present have made not only to the magazine, but also to the world of fashion itself.

A Sneak Peek at the HBO Documentary In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye

Vogue  The Editors eye is available thru


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