Voluminous hair and how to get it!

I would love to share some professional hair products tips specially selected for fine hair to create the most voluminous hair styles. I believe that even if you have a ‘bad’ fashion day, if your hair has the right volume you always look fashionable and glamorous without overdoing it”

1Volume Powder
Root Lift and Volume Shampoo by Sachajuan

Sachajuan Volume Powder is a powder-based spray that creates volume and provides structure. The powder formula gives a matte finish and is perfect to use as a dry shampoo between shampoos. This item is one of my ‘on-the-go’ must haves in my bag, and is ideal when I don’t have the time to wash my hair but I do want to freshen my hairstyle (especially on the scalp where the tallow greases the hair at first). After use, my hair smells as if it is just shampooed!

If you hair is in desperate need of a washing session shampooed I would recommend the Volume Shampoo itself, balanced with Ocean Silk Technology, which rebuilds the hair fiber and results in shine, volume and stability.

Looking for that celebrity volume, try the Root Lift that gives great support by lifting your hair from the roots. Perfect for up do’s and nights out!

2. Fascination Styling by Alcina

The styling spray gives a long-lasting hold from the scalp with maximum resilience and makes your hair easy to comb without leaving your hair sticky. The styling mousse creates more volume, hold and resilience and dries easily during blow drying.

My favorite is the ‘Ansatz Volumen Spray’, a foam spray that gives long lasting top volume and hold from the roots.

3. Style Masters by Revlon Professional

Style Masters is made by hair stylists for hair stylists. This new product range offers high quality that is guaranteed by the expertise of Revlon Professional. The Elevator 360˚ Roots lifter is a volume precision spray that you should spray from the scalp and then style and blow dry your hair as desired. 

4. Volume Hair Treatment by Mediceuticals

Last but not least, this vitamin enriched formula expands the diameter of your hair up till 26% while repairing split ends and hair shafts for five shampoo treatments at the same time.


Styling tip: The best way to create long lasting voluminous hair style is backcombing your hair with a teaser comb in combination with your preferred styling product and blow-dry the teased part shortly. I guarantee that the volume last longer!

Enjoy your volume!




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