Volutes by Diptyque- A story that takes us to far-away places…

All Diptyque perfumes are journeys and for the perfume house and its perfumers, the world is full of olfactory treasures to be discovered. Everything from a landscape, the detail on a building, to a budding flower is a source of inspiration from the moment that the image or scent becomes lastingly imprinted in the memory.

The perfumes born of these emotions create a scent memory and transport us to an elsewhere that owes as much to real memory as dreams. Wel thought by perfumer and creator Fabrice Pellegrin. The scent evokes memories of the infinite sea and sky, and foreign ports with enchanting names, Port Said, the Suez Canal, Djibouti, Colombo, Singapore… cities and coasts that smell of adventure and spices.


Volutes is a aromatic fragrance for women and men, featuring honeyed tobacco, dried fruit, Madagascan pepper, Saffron and Iris. A story told by a perfumer and traveler, created with exceptional raw materials, and a cultivated signature.


Available thru www.skins.nl &  www.cosmeticary.be


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