What exactly causes dark circles, and what to do about them?

This is the number 1 question that people ask when taking place in my make-up artistry chair.
What causes such dark circles and what can I do about them? Well, there are many multiple causes to dark circles.

One of them is genes. Dark circles can be genetic. It can effect any skin color and type. Asian and southern Italian are a few of those that are prone to them. Hyper pigmentation could be the results of post-inflammatory due to sun damage or hormonal fluctuations. Also as we get older the dark circles get more visible because the blood vessels in the under eye area show more.

Stress shows near the under eye area, you know. When your body is in stress mode, it leaches every single molecule of oxygen it can from the blood, so a darker more deoxygenated blood flows through the veins. Unfortunately the skin under the eyes is the thinnest of the body…

Now what to do about it?

Concealer is the best optical remedy. My favorites are the secret concealer by Laura Mercier, and I am also fan of the By Terry concealer and Bobbi Brown’s corrector concealer. They are all great light reflectors and give exactly the coverage you need.

Tip: Pick a yellow based concealer if your dark circles have a purple or blue cast. Go with a peachy color if they are more brown.

You could also opt for busting the dark circles with anti –oxidants. Blueberries, cranberries, onion, peas and beans (just to name a few) may help to strengthen capillaries, just like green and black tea. There is a dark circle community on internet www.darkcirclesblog.com written by, yes indeed, people who suffer from dark circles. You might find very use full tips here.


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