Youth Perfection Day & Night Cream by Bergman

When you’re young get so caught up in that thing called life, you totally forget to take care of the skin. And I am not taking about me, I said when you’re young, young, young. But even the youngsters among you have to take care of the skin you only get once in life. Especially during this time of life it is essential to invest in caring and protecting the skin. But how? Don’t worry, because Bergman Beauty Care supports your lifestyle with Youth Perfection, the new face care for day and night.

Youth Perfection is a silky, lightweight cream for all skin types and focuses on younger skin. It’s a great solution for anyone who is looking for a fast absorbing day and night care. The key ingredients?

Beta Glucan supports the natural recovery process of the skin. Nourishing and moisturizing properties keeping the skin fresh and healthy.
Moisture Complex  will help to recover the natural lipid barrier of the skin keeping it soft and hydrated up to 8 hours while a natural concentrate a cocktail of anti-oxidants, which extend the lifespan of the cells.
I personally love it when I see Passiflora as an ingredient in a product because this baby protects the skin from irritation and has this bright, vibrant shine.

An overall solution for younger skin…

Available from mid-June 2012


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