YS.UZAC Switzerland – Little magic’s in a bottle…

I keep smelling my wrist to capture the ingredients of this unusual, and slightly masculine perfume called Métaboles. It has a fresh twist to it, opening with tomato Twig and Geranium. Further along the line the perfume smell like eatable licorice with a hint of black pepper. Then as the pepper bite wears off, the musky white wood and labdanum (which I love) kicks in, with a little bit of vanilla and sandalwood. Soft and ever so embracing.

Monodie is sweet and elegant and brings a joyful smile to my face. Opening with a note of Eau de vie de Mirabelle, followed by a caramelized Freesia, and the twist of Rhubarb and green Galbanum . Monodie is a feminine perfume with a girly feel to it. Dazzling and sweet.


Pohadka –   Ainsi la nuit.  This is your moment, take it! Freshly cut grass, a note of jasmine, leather undertones and smoked vanilla. Yum! Now you can wear summer throughout  the year.

Lale my favorite of the range:  sweet and invigorating. Inspired by a rare and delicate flower from east Himalaya – Winter sweet, which blossoms when the first snow falls. I love the sweet orange with a hint of white tea, and rose petals. Then a perfect get together of  Pink Pepper and dry Apricot. The snow and petals fairytale…Like!


If you’re searching for a perfume with a story, you just might have found it. The ingredients take you on a journey. The perfumes consist of 90% natural ingredients, and the packaging is a present on its own. Each scent promises to reflect the personality of its wearer.

YS. UZAC Switzerland are created by Vincent Micotti and creative director Vera S.Yeah

Definitely little magic’s in a bottle….

The four perfumes are exclusively available thru www.skins.nl


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