Creme de la Mer Limited Edition Vintage Deco

As you might know Miracle BrothTM is a blend of sea-born ingredients and the soul of La Mer’s iconic and coveted formulas. A three- to four-month bio-fermentation process transforms natural sea kelp, vitamins and other pure ingredients into the skin-soothing miracle at the heart of Crème de la Mer’s healing moisture. During the fermentation process Miracle Broth is exposed to pulsating sound and light energy intensifying its activity for maximum benefits to the skin.

It also helps to infuse skin with energy, increasing skin’s healthy look and radiant glow. I use the crème as a true S.O.S. to hydrate and calm down the skin or to give that radiant glow whenever it’s needed. La Mer created the Limited-Edition Crème de la Mer with a vintage deco, inspired by the original Crème de la Mer jar designs.
(€285 – 60ML)

Available while stock lasts. Available HERE and HERE

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