Normal gets you nowhere by Kelly Cutrone

Normal get you nowhere and I couldn’t agree more…  Last week I had the privilege to meet Kelly Cutrone and provide hair and make-up sessions during her stay in Amsterdam. I was asked to have Kelly looking gorgeously flawless, (a.k.a. wearing non visible make-up) as she is not fond of it. And you know what they say: It takes makeup to look natural.

As you can imagine I was honored. Kelly  had a performance during TeDxAmsterdam Woman and her book signing at the America book center in Amsterdam the next day. The couple of hours I got to spend with her, were pretty amazing and inspiring. She is full of energy and fills up the room as soon as you enter.

The first thing she said when opening the door: “Amanda, I love your hair”! During a makeup session we had a glass of wine, chatting about life and telling me how she thinks about certain issues, her recent visit to China fashion designers, music, and her daughter who she loves dearly, and in between making important phone calls, (on speaker).

I was there during the press conference, fixing hair and makeup during private sessions with the press, scribbling along in between shots to capture some ‘key’ words for writing of my own. I decided the keep the writing to myself, as I am still digesting all the inspirational words of advice, and preferred to share my personal encounter as mentioned above.

Her latest book is a true must have read : Normal gets you nowhere is about living a life that means something. Shake things up, turn the tables, tell the truth, and, most importantly, be you.  An invitation to rethink who you are, what you value, and what you want from life.


And as my business cards say:” Be flawless, be you, you are…

Enjoy the book.

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