The Collector Boutique Hotel Den Haag

Last week I had a truly amazing staycation at a new boutique hotel 🏨 in Den Haag. I had such a lovely experience I felt I have to share why you should visit. The boutique hotel is situated at The Haagse Bluf, a courtyard that was build at the beginning of the 21st century and named after a fluffy dessert. For fun, you look up on google why. Before the rebuild, The Haagse Bluf was a courtyard with a few shops and a French fountain. Unfortunately, people couldn’t find their way to this little treasure.

Now, the courtyard carries the popular Foodhallen with a lovely sunny terrace, a well-equipped gym, several restaurants like famous Loetje, popular classic fashion chain stores, and of course The Collector hotel.

The Collector is so much more than just a hotel. Think 57 chic and polished art rooms, a fabulous lounge, and a very arty lobby and lounge space full of collector items that are all asking for a little well deserved attention. To be honest; you will want to take the (not for sale yet) objects home with you.

The suite I had the privilege to stay in was spacious, airy, and light with a lot of eye for details such as the hand-painted paintings by artist Julie Gondoin.To create these artful pieces she doesn’t use paint but materials like vintage cassette tapes and toy cars.

The personal touch with the customized macaroons and bottle of champagne waiting to be popped was a thoughtful cherry on top and made our stay extra special. When you are staying at The Collector hotel make sure to have breakfast. You can sit, while enjoying the view, (yes, the collector items) and the extensive breakfast which including fresh croissants, banana bread, salmon, any kind of eggs you wish (and so much more) will be served at your table, with extra coffee on the go before you explore the city.

If you’re a wander luster and have this enviable curiosity about the world, you will love this place and will enjoy experiencing collecting unexpected experiences that will have you craving for more. Collecting is something we all do. Even if we don’t frame it, pin it, or publish it, we all build our personal collection over time. I totally agree. The objects at the Collector hotel symbolize the moments and ideas that make us stop for a moment, think and, maybe even change direction of your wander.

Even if you’re not planning on spending the night at The Collector, head on over, grab a coffee, and wander. You won’t regret it.


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