BDK Parfums MATIN PARISIEN candles

BDK Parfums launches its first perfume candles with the title: ‘Les Nocturnes’, to celebrate Parisian nights. The candles represent an urban journey into the heart of the night, illuminating the streets through which Paris is discovered. There are five candles to enjoy, and every candle represents a different part of the city and, a different time of the day.

It was love at first smell with Le Matin Parisien and is described as the following: In the morning, waking up between the white sheets, the first light of the sun subtly strokes the curtains. The window is ajar and the scent of a small shower flows gently into the apartment. The Matin Parisien candle represents the scent of white sheets in the early sunlight. Musk and salty fig mixed with pink pepper symbolize a beautiful auspicious day. 

Doesn’t this just spike your candle curiosity for the rest of the day? The candles are available in 250 g. and the burn time is about 70 hours. It might be time to be acquainted with the rest of the family. (250 g. | €80.00)


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