The world famous hotel spa Mamounia in Marrakech

Mamounia takes its name from its gardens. They were established in the 18th century by crown prince Noulay Mamoun on land gifted to him by his father the sultan on the occasion of the wedding. They say the best way to explore Marrakech is to get lost. And so I did. Not only in the labyrinth Medina but at a place in heaven called “The Mamounia hotel“.



The offered private tour of the hotel was mouthwatering. This paradise counts 209 rooms in total, from which three riads, 135 rooms (104 Deluxe, 19 Superior and 12 Classic) and 71 exclusive suits. The executive suites have a spacious private balcony and overlook the enormous well kept dreamy 17ah garden at a rate of 1400 euro per night. The six signature suits are even more stunning and are all yours for 2000 – 6000 per fairytale night. All rooms offer the feeling of a traditional Moroccan apartment with the ultimate modern comforts. A welcome cocktail, local delicacies and refined hospitality products will be offered to magnify the experience.




And as they say; the longer you stay in Marrakech the more it grows on you, because you can’t rush it. The walkways, flowerbeds, orange groves and olive trees are attended by 70 gardeners, every day. The garden vegetables and herbs are used in the four restaurants the Mamounia hotel counts, where 2 Michelin star chefs like Jean-Pierre Vigato have their well groomed playground.


  • “Le Français” for French contemporary cuisine by  Jean-Pierre Vigato.
  • “L’Italien” for Italian contemporary cuisine by Don Alfonso.
  • “Le Marocain” for Moroccan cuisine based on tradition & modernity by Rachid Agouray.
  • “Le Pavillon de la piscine” for Mediterranean cuisine for buffet breakfast and buffet lunch.

La-Mamounia-4 La-Mamounia-3

Being fascinated by all the beautiful surroundings I was told not to forget to look up once exploring the premises. Between 2006 and 2009 the hotel has been renewed to perfection, the sixth time since La Mamounia was build. Over 800 people work here every day, keeping everyone terribly happy. From was I’ve been told international celebrities head directly to La Mamounia when visiting Marrakech. Especially during the film festival the place it packed with people prepping for this festive event.



And yes, the prepping starts with a visit to this world famous spa that carry nine treatment halls and is considered the best in the world by Conde Nast. The complete Royal Hammam deluxe experience followed by a Tadelakt massage is utterly relaxing, making you feel like your floating, loosing track of sense of time… The ceremonial massage with melting balm, argan oil and monoï butter is a recommended treat.


Or opt for the classic Mamounia Massage; a relaxing massage where their own Mamounia signature products are used. The in/outdoor swimming pool and the jacuzzi are phenomenal, especially after a from Mamounia with love treatment. And while dozing off, thinking off 1001 night’s your nostrils are teased with their own signature candle scent, made by renowned perfume nose Olivia Giacobetti.


If you’re planning a trip to Marrakech then do visit the spa, have a cocktail or two, or indulge in a weekend spa arrangement. Even better, if you’re budget allows it stay the night.

With love from Marrakech!



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