Chateauhotel De Havixhorst

So this happened… I had the privilege to enjoy a beautiful few days’ stayover at a 70 square meter royal suite overlooking the Chateauhotel De Havixhorst beautiful gardens, an exquisite 5-course dinner, and an extensive breakfast feeling like a princess in Drenthe.

The noble ‘de Vos van Steenwijk’ family lived here for nearly 300 years, from 1658 to 1939. The castle was owned by the family until 1963. After that, it served various public functions for a few years, including being a retirement home and holiday resort for young people.

Living in a manor. Thanks to owner Jos Wijland, De Havixhorst has a new purpose: that of a Chateauhotel. Strictly speaking, De Havixhorst isn’t a castle; it’s a havezate – a knightly residence. Granting a knighthood to the Lord of a castle was something only the government of Drenthe – the Landdag – could do. And they were all elected. All of this meant that De Havixhorst was part of the first, cautious democratic system in the Netherlands. By the time the French took control, 34 houses in Drenthe had been awarded the honorary title of have the havezate. Now there are only six, but they are still resplendent in their glory.

Picture courtesy of Chateauhotel De Havixhorst

Situated at a 5-minute drive from the town Meppel in the natural reserve Het Reestdal, Havixhorst Estate features a Chateauhotel and restaurant. Each suite has an individual style. The suites come in different color decorations and have high ceilings and exposed wooden beams. It offers a seating area, minibar, desk, and free WiFi. The bathroom is fitted with a shower. During nice weather, the terrace and castle gardens provide a relaxing setting for a drink. Guests can have a high tea in this setting or walk around in the sculptured garden. A truly beautiful experience.

Dining Experience

The lovely characteristic room says it all. The well-dressed tables, the welcoming ambiance, and the atmosphere, the candlelight. It won’t be hard to relax here. When it comes to the dining experience the chef knows how to select the best local ingredients from which for example fruit and vegetables from small farms, local meat, and their own Scottish Highland beef. The closest neighbors are the regular suppliers: farm vegetables, game, fruit. Tasty and delicious as you can taste the freshness and quality.

A beautiful experience you should really try for yourself. There’s such beauty in the Netherlands worth indulging in. You will love it here. xA


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