Staycation at Boat & Co Waterfront Penthouse

Last weekend I did something I’ve hardly ever done before. We had an official hotel staycation, wherein we “weekend vacationed” in our own town. While a lot of us still work from home having the ability to change your view getting that creative stimulance going is more welcome now than ever before. Traveling and wanderlusting are on hold (until further notice) yet the intelligent lockdown is lifting bit by bit, shifting into a new kind of normal that makes you think out of the box while staying close to home. Especially when an anniversary celebration is in order.

Have you always wanted to live large with a killer view, if only for one or two nights? Welcome to BOAT&CO’s Waterfront Penthouse! A viewpoint at the highest level with enjoyable views over the IJ and the Amsterdam skyline. Beautiful during the day as well as the nighttime, which is a totally different experience while paying attention to the little details that are right in front of your eyes.

Picture courtesy to Hotel Boat & Co

These views, together with a king-size bed, come on top of the luxuries that all of our rooms offer: Auping-beds, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom with rain shower, Marie-Stella-Maris toiletries and a work spot which can also be used as a dinner table.


I wouldn’t have imagined that staying at a hotel in my own city was going to be such a great experience, but it made me realize how beautiful it actually is. Dining at Vessel Kitchen & Bar with a perfect couchy lounge for an after-dinner bulge. During the daytime, you can find a spot to work, grab a coffee, get a bite to eat, sip a cocktail, or just sit back and relax on the waterside patio.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to travel to other countries…Enjoying a staycation in your own city changes your entire perception of your hometown. Staying at the Waterfront Penthouse was exceptional and very refreshing because you get a completely different perspective of the place you live in. You just need to remind yourself that your eyes have to travel and you can find beautiful things right where you are.

You can find BOAT&CO at the Houthaven, Amsterdam’s historic timber harbor district at the IJ. Between 1876 and 1945, hard workers handled tons of timber here. Today, you can still see a bit of the city’s rich cultural and commercial trading history. Leave your “to do” list at home. If you’re looking for a break from your every day without leaving town, a hotel staycation is just the ticket!


Revaeiland 500
1014 ZG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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