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When Belgian fashion designer Tom Van der Borght met Kristof Lefebre who has just launched the Belgian perfume house Miglot, the two creative minds clicked and discovered they have a lot in common.

Kristof: “At first sight, our two worlds are very different. At MIGLOT we try to reduce everything to the essence, while T.VDB adds colors and patterns. In the end, these are mere appearances. He connects silhouettes, patterns, and shapes, I make perfumes by combining ingredients. We each want to connect with people in our own way. Only the effect is different.”

Their bond was not limited to just talking but also took shape in not one, but two new perfumes also known as Miglot Formulas. Formula X and O. Formula X refers to the genderless kiss, inspired by Jasmin. An ingredient with different faces. Think Bergamot, Neroli at the top, and peach, osmanthus, and rose in the middle, to name a few.

Formula O refers to a genuine hug with tho loving arms around you where Musk plays a prominent role. Think Ambretta, Bergamot, White Musk and Jasmin.

You can wear the fragrances separately yet when layered is where the real magic happens.

MIGLOT is a Belgian perfume brand from Ghent. All perfumes are developed in the Fragrance Lab by the perfumer Kristof Lefebre and bottled by hand to ensure freshness. Transparency, sustainability, and quality are the core values of MIGLOT.

Formula O and Formula X Eau de Parfum (50 ML | € 76.50)
Eau de Parfum Travel Spray Duo (2 x 10 MlL | € 77.50)




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