A.N.Other WD / 2018 Perfume

Fragrance is so personal and that’s one of the best things about it. A.N.Other is not just another range of perfumes, they stand out in the crowd. I fell in love with WD / 2018 perfume even though it was hard to decide. It’s bold and creative, designed by an innovative perfumer who began as a perfumer by accident, taking a summer position in a fragrance lab when in high school and she kept coming back every summer. For the first time, Patricia Bilodeau’s dream came true working on this fragrance without constraints.

A.N.Other perfumes are created with creative freedom and an unlimited budget. It’s sustainable and the ingredients ethically sourced. At the top of WD / 2018, you’ll find Pear Sparkle and Cardamon Spice, at the heart Rich Orris and Cypress. At the base, you’ll find my favorite Sandalwood, in this case, a pure Australian certified organic Sandalwood oil, Blonde Cedar, and a whiff of Vetiver Madagascar. The perfume range consists of six beautiful fragrances. If the WD / 2018 perfume ingredients aren’t your cup of tea, do have a peek at the other outstanding perfumes. In the end, all that matters is inside the bottle. (50 ML | € 85)

A.N.Other Perfume is available HERE

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