Abel Eau De Parfum – Limited Edition Layering Set

You know I love layering my perfumes, so when natural fragrance brand ABEL announced they were launching a trio of perfumes that can be layered I was thrilled to be able to experience them. And boy oh boy, the fragrances are truly inspiring as you can transport yourself to the ocean, the garden, or the forest while still sitting in one place.

They remind me of little Zen moments where you can enjoy little pleasures such as the expanse of the ocean with Cyan Nori, or having a stroll thru a beautiful garden with the scent of pink iris, or walking the dog while having a jog. Or just imagine yourself doing all three at the same time by layering the scent. Experiment and find out what tickles your senses. The scents can be worn on your clothes or in your hair as they will last longer but they will definitely come more alive on the skin. Whatever you decide. Have fun while doing it. (3x 15ML | €110.00)


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