ABEL Golden Neroli 100% natural Eau De Parfum

Abel was founded in Amsterdam by former winemaker and New Zealander Frances Shoemack. She had one goal, and that was to create the world’s best natural perfume. What I love about the Abel fragrances is that they evolve on the skin beautifully due to the natural ingredients. They work together with your own body chemistry and create a unique and therefore personified fragrance.

The latest addition to the Abel fragrance family consist of intoxicating unisex fragrances. My personal favourite is the Golden Neroli where I fell in love with. A soft floral scent that opens with Neroli and matcha tea accord, petitgrain and ylang ylang in the heart. It has Santal in the which I love. The combination and the development on the skin makes it a surprisingly embracing fragrance.


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