AFARI Skincare

At AFARI they are passionate about taking care of your skin, as the skincare you use on a daily base should make all the difference in your life. With the help of a team of female harvesters in South Africa and scientific research, the benefits of Bulbine frutescens were discovered. Its juice helps skin that suffers from rashes, cracked lips, and acne. It’s soothing and contains anti-inflammatory properties and so much more. The skincare range consists of four products. Time to get acquainted.

Afari Priming Cleanser 

The oil-free Afari Priming Cleanser is a soft and gentle cleanser that removes make-up (even stubborn), and impurities while leaving skin feeling ready for the next step (100 ML | €38,00)

Brightening Elixer

Skincare products that help brighten the skin, while acting soft and hydrating at the same time are my favorites. This brightening elixir contains anti-oxidants that help to diminish uneven skin tone. Afari uses an oil-soluble form of Vitamin C together with soothing Bulbine, making this a suitable treatment for those with sensitive skin. Expect brighter and more radiant skin (50 ML | €110,00)

Overnight Regenerating Cream

Stimulate natural collagen production and promote cell renewal while sleeping. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? The Overnight Regenerating Cream promises it all with the help of Vitamin A. (50 ML | €90,00)

Protecting Day Cream SPF 30

The day cream feels nourishing on the skin without being heavy and it doesn’t leave a white residue on the skin. It provides broad-spectrum protection against skin-damaging UVA and UVB light. (50 ML | €90,00)

Good to know: each Afari product sold directly benefits the women harvesting the plants in rural Limpopo.






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