Atelier Vesper Eau de Parfum – Badawї & Elea

Smells have the ability to create feelings on a subconscious level. As human beings, we are able to smell a trillion distinctive smells making our “scent” sense 10.000 more sensitive than other senses. That’s why having a perfume wardrobe is so very embracing and interesting, as it leaves a mark. It has the power to make you armchair travel a voyage of olfaction without going anywhere.

Just recently I was introduced to Atelier Vesper. A perfume brand that was founded in the Netherlands and tells a story. The five Atelier Vesper Eau de Perfumes have been created with the highest quality and are hand-blended. Created in Grasse these scents stimulate translating emotions, memories, and experiences that are inspired by your life.

The perfumes Badawї & Elea impressed me the most and took me on an olfactive journey to summer late nights on the beach during sundown and tropical parties at the beach. The perfume is characterized as bold, spicy, seductive, warm & smoky. It contains Pink Pepper, white Oud, and Musk. At the top, you’ll find pink pepper and Ylang Ylang to name a few. What I smell the most? Benzoin! As one of the ingredients, Benzoin is a rich gum resin obtained from the bark of a group of trees called styrax that smells sweet and smooth like vanilla and has a lovely balsamic twist which reminds me of Marrakesh. (50 ML | € 111)

Emotion: The flickering heat billows spices, trails of tobacco smoke, shared laughter echoing the hypnotic thrum of drums. A sense of daring grounded in the comfort of belonging: togetherness emboldening your spirit of adventure – Atelier Vesper

Elea is a whole different perfume story. It’s characterized as fresh, woody, enveloping & dreamy. I can relate to that. It has this salty freshness that reminds me of my trip to Brazil with its combination of lush jungle-clad mountains bodies as a beautiful backdrop, historic buildings, lively restaurants, and bars. It’s like no other beach on Earth. Especially the freshness of the Bergamot, and Grapefruit in the top, and Sandalwood and Magnolia layered with the Guaiac make it a lovely summer scent. Time to get acquainted. (50 ML | € 111)

Emotion: Gazing in wonder at the swirling sky, a moment of clarity heightened by citrus and cold air. Swathed in softwoods and musk, feeling connected to everything, the universe has revealed a secret.






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